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FedEx: Castaway

A man comes to a woman’s house to give her a FedEx box. He couldn’t give it to her before because he was on an island and he couldn’t leave. The box had everything he needed to leave the island but he didn’t open the box because he is a good worker!

Wild Kingdom01

질은 집안이 춥다고 느낍니다.보일러가 고장났다고 생각한 질은 팀에게 지하실로 내려가 보일러 상태를 확인해달라고 부탁합니다.

Theater for Blind

Everyman Theater’s Marcus Kidd opens up his plays for blind people to touch the props and items. This helps them to feel more involved with the play. It doesn’t always generate ticket sales, but he enjoys people enjoying theater..

Wild Kingdom02

팀은 아이들과 함께 지하실로 내려갑니다.팀은 아이들에게 보일러를 엉뚱하게 설명하고,아이들은 집중하지 못하고 장난을 칩니다.

PostBank Whose Phone This Is

The man at the club was talking on the phone with a woman who is a stranger. She asked him if she could buy a coat, car, and house. He said she could buy the coat and car and make an offer for the house. She was very happy but we don’t know who actually owns the phone.