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Weight-Loss Goggles

There is a new device to help people with their diet. The device is called the “Diet Goggles” and the purpose is to make people believe that their food is larger than it really appears. This will make people believe they are eating more to get fuller, faster. Researchers hope these goggles will help people eat less food and hopefully lose weight in the process.

Wild Kingdom06

팀은 윌슨의 말을 듣고서 해충 구제업자에게 전화를 합니다.질은 쥐를 봤다고 거짓말을 했다고 팀에게 화를 내고,그때 랜디는 지하실에서 뱀의 허물을 발견합니다.

Art Installation as Kids' Playground

Toshiko HoriuchiMacAdam took crocheting and art and turned them into permanent playgrounds. These playgrounds are scattered throughout Japan and allow children to jump and swing on them. Toshiko HoriuchiMacAdam decided to make these playgrounds because two kids were bored at an art gallery and asked if they could climb on her installation.

Wild Kingdom07

팀의 집에 방문한 해충 구제업자는 뱀을 발견하지 못합니다.그는 찻잔이나 화장실 같은 이상한 장소에서 뱀이 출몰하는 경우가 있다면서 가버립니다.

McDonald - Joe and Frank

In these adverts from McDonald’s, two old men hope to attract the attention of an older lady who visits the restaurant. In each commercial the two men become better and better dressed but only argue with themselves and never talk to the woman.